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Using the exclusive Sothys Paris brand of products, your skin concerns are targeted, providing amazing results after only one treatment.  All Sothys Treatments are suitable for both male and female skins and can be taken in courses for optimum benefits.  Home care products are also available for all skin types and concerns, allowing you to maintain excellent results between treatments


Energising                              75 min   £68.00

Sothys exciting Energising Facial Treatment optimises the skin’s energy reserves by incorporating Siberian Ginseng, which has the ability to adapt to the needs of each individual.  This deep-cleansing, protective, stimulating facial is designed to recharge, regenerate and illuminate the skin, allowing it to reveal its youthfulness.  Excellent for dull, tired skin


Anti-Ageing                           75 mins        £68.00
The Ultimate in Anti-Ageing technology which boosts the collagen production in the skin.  Your skin's age may be very different to your true age: this facial treatment is customised for the age of your skin.  Using personalised serums, after only one treatment, lines and wrinkles are reduced; skin firmness is improved.  A lifting, firming, tightening facial with amazing results


Moisturising                                 75 mins        £68.00
Immerse your thirsty skin in a luxurious treatment and boost the skin’s hydration levels.  In one treatment, skin will be softer, more supple and radiant with an increase in hydration levels.  This treatment helps to re-educate the skin’s natural hydration process, giving long-lasting results against dehydration and dryness


Revitalising Eye Rescue         1 hour      £60.00

This luxurious treatment targets the delicate eye area, showing effective results on fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and a lack of firmness.  It reduces tiredness and congestion around the eye contour, leaving the skin protected and the eyes feeling brighter and refreshed


Oxygenating                         1 hour        £55.00

This facial treatment is a great pick-me-up, feeding the skin with a cocktail of vitamins/minerals.  Relax and leave with glowing, radiant skin which shows extra vitality and clarity ***Special Offer*** Pay for the Facial, add the Moisturiser at £30 and receive a FREE nourishing Sothys zesty Mandarin Lip Balm, great for hydrating the lips...


Soothing                                 1 hour         £50.00

This facial is a wonderful treatment for all skin types, but especially for sensitive skin as it protects, soothes and balances.  Using the home care products daily has been proven to make the skin more comfortable day after day

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Ultimate Serenity Signature Massage  
A powerful synergy of different styles of massage creates this truly unique treatment.  This is a very nurturing massage, yet still works into the muscles to release toxins and ease muscular tension; increases circulation and blood flow
30 mins        50 mins        75 mins      90 mins    
£28.00         £40.00          £52.00        £65.00


Thai Herbal Body Massage    1 ½ hours    £70.00
Eastern techniques meld beautifully with Western styles.  The use of a heated Herbal Poultice, similar to those used by Thai Warriors returning from battle, in combination with a Full Body Aromatherapy Massage, will ease away aches and tensions all over the body.  This treatment is deeply soothing and detoxifying, whilst encouraging healing within the body   


La Stone Therapy        1 ½ hours    £65.00
Black and White, Hot and Cold, opposites attract. The hot, black, basalt stones work in conjunction with the cold, white marble stones to create balance within your body. 90 minutes of pure bliss; La Stone will take you to a new level of relaxation


Bowen Therapy        1 hour        £37.00
Bowen Therapy helps to rebalance and realign the body with a series of gentle movements on the soft tissues, releasing tensions and blockages, kick-starting the body’s ability to heal itself


Reflexology             45 mins        £37.00
A specialized pressure-point foot massage to stimulate and relax the body by working on the nerve endings of the feet.  Each area of the foot corresponds to an area within the body: by working the feet, the entire body is being worked upon


Hopi Ear Candling        40 mins        £30.00
Also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy, this is an exceptionally relaxing treatment, particularly beneficial for problems and conditions associated with the ear, nose and throat area


Thai Herbal Head Massage    1 hour        £50.00
Using a small Thai Herbal Poultice, benefit from the warmth and the spices which help to alleviate tension around the shoulder, neck and face areas, in conjunction with aromatherapy oils and de-stressing massage.  Includes a facial cleanse, tone and moisturise to finish



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Sothys Signature Slimming Treatment   90 minutes       £65.00

Tailored to each individual client, this complete slimming treatment reduces the appearance of all types of cellulite.  The treatment includes a stimulating exfoliating body wrap, applied warm which heats the skin, helping to eliminate toxins.  This is followed with a 3-serum formula customised for the particular type of cellulite, which is applied by invigorating massage to breakdown stubborn fatty deposits.  The treatment concludes with the application of specific cellulite treatment products, which are recommended for home use

Not suitable during pregnancy

A course of treatments is recommended for optimum results - ask how to save by purchasing a course of treatments


Sothys Signature Firming Treatment      90 minutes      £65.00

A comprehensive anti-cellulite treatment designed to target different problem areas: stomach, thighs, buttocks, knees, arms.  To start the treatment the body is exfoliated, followed by the use of personalised serums to help restore firmness and elasticity.  A toning peel-off wrap is then applied; as it warms it helps to reshape and smooth the skin.  The treatment finishes with appropriate products to help reshape and tone the skin

Not suitable during pregnancy

A course of treatments is recommended for optimum results - ask how to save by purchasing a course of treatments


Essential Slimming Treatment         45 minutes      £45.00

An express toning and firming body treatment to aid the removal of toxins, excess water and help break down cellulite.  A customised solution of targeted cellulite serums is applied to the areas of concern and then followed by an invigorating and toning massage to smooth and sculpt the body

Not suitable during pregnancy

A course of treatments if recommended for optimum results - ask how to save by purchasing a course of treatments

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