Using the exclusive Sothys Paris brand of products, your skin concerns are targeted, providing amazing results after only one treatment.  All Sothys Treatments are suitable for both male and female skins and can be taken in courses for optimum benefits.  Home care products are also available for all skin types and concerns, allowing you to maintain excellent results between treatments


Energising                              75 min   £66.00

Sothys exciting Energising Facial Treatment optimises the skin’s energy reserves by incorporating Siberian Ginseng, which has the ability to adapt to the needs of each individual.  This deep-cleansing, protective, stimulating facial is designed to recharge, regenerate and illuminate the skin, allowing it to reveal its youthfulness.  Excellent for dull, tired skin


Anti-Ageing                           75 mins        £66.00
The Ultimate in Anti-Ageing technology which boosts the collagen production in the skin.  Your skin's age may be very different to your true age: this facial treatment is customised for the age of your skin.  Using personalised serums, after only one treatment, lines and wrinkles are reduced; skin firmness is improved.  A lifting, firming, tightening facial with amazing results


Moisturising                                 75 mins        £66.00
Immerse your thirsty skin in a luxurious treatment and boost the skin’s hydration levels.  In one treatment, skin will be softer, more supple and radiant with an increase in hydration levels.  This treatment helps to re-educate the skin’s natural hydration process, giving long-lasting results against dehydration and dryness


Revitalising Eye Rescue         1 hour      £60.00

This luxurious treatment targets the delicate eye area, showing effective results on fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and a lack of firmness.  It reduces tiredness and congestion around the eye contour, leaving the skin protected and the eyes feeling brighter and refreshed


Oxygenating                         1 hour        £52.00

This facial treatment is a great pick-me-up, feeding the skin with a cocktail of vitamins/minerals.  Relax and leave with glowing, radiant skin which shows extra vitality and clarity

Soothing                                 1 hour         £50.00

This facial is a wonderful treatment for all skin types, but especially for sensitive skin as it protects, soothes and balances.  Using the home care products daily has been proven to make the skin more comfortable day after day


Skin Survival for Men           1 hour        £50.00
At last – luxury designed specifically for men.  This treatment deep cleanses whilst soothing irritation and moisturising dry and dehydrated areas which can be caused by shaving.  This relaxing treatment repairs and protects the skin leaving it cleansed and hydrated with immediate visible results   ***SPECIAL OFFER*** Book this facial and receive a FREE Shaving Foam


Synergising                                   1 hour        £45.00
This facial treatment maintains and protects all skin types, customised for you according to the concerns and needs of your skin 



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